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Aerial by RalenArc

"Aerial" is a series of artworks inscribed on Bitcoin that capture the beauty and complexity of urban landscapes seen from above. As someone who loves traveling and exploring new places, I've always been fascinated by the different shapes and patterns that cities create, especially when seen from a high perspective. I'm fascinated by the grid-like patterns of cities and how they interact with natural surroundings. Aerial photography and satellite maps were a huge source of inspiration.

I explored different techniques in this project. I implemented various textures and irregular sizes of the figures to give a natural feel. The color palettes were carefully selected to reflect the mood and atmosphere of each city, ranging from warm earthy tones to cool blues. I layered different textures with these colors to form a composite image that evokes the feeling of an aerial view.

“Aerial” features 50 artworks, each one uniquely generated with distinct forms, shapes, sizes, and colors. Through exploring the diverse landscapes of environments as seen from an aerial view, the collection offers endless possibilities.

  • Release: 2023-07-07 3PM ET / 7PM UTC / 9PM CET
  • Max Number of Iterations: 50
  • Mint Price: 0.3 ETH / 0.016 BTC (flat price)
Singular ArtSingular Art


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Welcome to Singular, where you can purchase stunning art on Bitcoin. Minters can use their standard Ethereum wallet to purchase the works in ETH, with pieces sent to a bc1p address provided in the purchasing process.

For a quick guide on how the purchasing process works, read below:

1. Countdown

To ensure a fair purchasing experience for all users, the purchase link will only become clickable when the timer reaches zero. Once the countdown is complete, you will be able to access the ability to purchase a unique iteration of the work.

2. Select Payment Type

Choose between Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) as your payment method.

3. Quantity

Enter the quantity of pieces you would like to mint, which will update the total price to be paid to mint based on a given project's mint price.

4. bc1p address

Enter your inscription-receiving bc1p address from your personal, self-custodied wallet such as Xverse. If you are using a Bitcoin wallet that does not have native Ordinals support, please ensure that you know what you are doing. We are not liable for any assets purchased but then lost after being transferred to your provided addresses. Once a piece has been successfully transferred to your provided address, there is nothing that we can do.

5. Confirm bc1p address

After triple-checking your provided bc1p address, check to confirm your address and answer “Yes” to the pop-up text.

6. Initiate Purchase

Click “Initiate Purchase”. Upon initiating the purchase, the system will display a payment address and barcode specific to the selected payment type (BTC or ETH).

7. Complete Payment

Send the correct amount of BTC or ETH to the provided address.

8. Automated Inscription & Transfer

Once your transaction is confirmed, we will initiate an inscription with a new, unique iteration of the artwork and transfer it to the bc1p address you provided while purchasing.

9. Inscription Status

You can monitor the inscription status on this page or, on a standalone status page (a link will be displayed after purchase starts).

We strive to provide our collectors with a seamless and secure purchasing experience, ensuring that your digital art collection is easily accessible and safely stored on the blockchain. Thank you for your support of Singular and our wonderful set of artists and we hope you enjoy your new artwork!

In case you'd have any questions or concerns throughout the process, please do not hesitate to ping our team in the Singular Discord or using the contact form on our website.

What do I need to purchase and receive a piece from a project?

You will need a digital wallet with either Ethereum (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC). For ETH transactions, a wallet like Metamask is required. For BTC transactions, ensure your wallet supports Ordinals, like Hiro, Xverse, Unisat, ord or Sparrow. Ensure sufficient balance in your chosen cryptocurrency for minting.

After I submitted my transaction, I realized I provided a b1cp address that I do not control or is not from a wallet that natively supports Ordinals. What can I do?

In rare instances we may be able to help, however generally speaking we won't be able to. If you are using a Bitcoin wallet that does not have native Ordinals support, please ensure that you know what you are doing with regards to coin/sat control. We are not liable for any assets purchased but then lost after being transferred to your provided addresses. Once a piece has been successfully transferred to your provided address, there is nothing that we can do.

What does it mean if my transaction fails or if I'm not able to send a transaction to begin with?

This is a rare case however status messages should appear to confirm a reason. If you are receiving erroneous status messages please let our team know so we can look into it.

What happens if my purchase transaction for a project is confirmed?

Congratulations! You have successfully purchased a piece from the project meaning our backend will now inscribe and transfer your unique artwork to your provided bc1p address.

My transaction shows as confirmed but I don't see the inscription in my BTC wallet. What gives?

BTC block times average ~10 minutes but due to the random nature of solving bitcoin blocks (mining), some blocks can take up to an hour. Recently, since Ordinals have been gaining awareness, Bitcoin transaction volume/price have been skyrocketing and so inscriptions may take up to 24hours. Please monitor the status using the link shown after purchase. If for any reason an extended period of time goes by without receiving your work, please contact our team.

I missed the mint but would like to explore secondary listings. Where can I do that?

Singular has partnered with Gamma to support trustless secondary market trading for our collections. Gamma currently supports Hiro and Xverse for BTC wallet options to buy and sell. Collection pages should go live shortly after the Singular mint ends.

How permanent is the artwork that I'm purchasing?

Anything and everything needed to wholly recreate a given artwork is stored on-chain in your inscription. For generative art, this also includes all packages used (e.g. p5.js). Your artwork will survive in its complete form for as long as Bitcoin itself survives.

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