by LoVid

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Disco Fever - Is the party pumping or are you cleaning up after the ball? Light, color, and reflections make a room more than phygital. A shiny flickering object is a killer party accessory and mood booster. Rock it!

LoVid likes to party!!! LoVid's works crush communication systems, and biological signals to help technology seep into human culture and perception. LoVid’s signature visual and sonic aesthetic incorporates glitch and noise, handmade and machine-produced, fantasy and reality, hope and despair, connectivity and isolation.




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Singular Art

LoVid’s work has been presented widely, including: Art Blocks Curated, Verse, Expanded.Art, Unit London, RYAN LEE Gallery, Postmasters Gallery, bitforms Gallery, Honor Fraser Gallery, And/Or Gallery, MoMA, Daejeon Museum, Netherland Media Art Institute, New Museum, and ICA London.

LoVid's work is in public collections such as: Whitney Museum, The Parrish Museum, Thoma Foundation, Watermill Center, Butler Institute of American Art, Heckscher Museum, 6529 Museum, Galerie Met, The LAL ART Collection, Museum of Nordic Digital Art.

Singular Art


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