by Ivy

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‘Disco Fever’ by LoVid

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‘Aerial’ by RalenArc

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Refraction by LorenBednar

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All works released through Singular are fully-encapsulated, on-chain artifacts. You can have peace of mind knowing that no works collected here use IPFS or off-chain dependencies and are inscribed directly to Bitcoin, the longest-running, most rugged blockchain.


We take a hands-on approach to partnering with digital creatives from all backgrounds to create and release novel, boundary-pushing works. Whether you're starting from square one and need help conceptualizing a project or you have a project ready to go and are looking for a technical partner, Singular can help.


Whether you're a seasoned Bitcoin-native collector or are dipping into digital art on Bitcoin for the first time, our mint and purchase flow is built with you in mind. All projects released on Singular are entirely unique and collectors wholly own the works they collect.



ProperSingular Art

Proper is an active digital art collector and long-time community member. First diving into the crypto space in 2013, he discovered NFTs and digital art in early 2020. proper was one of three collectors chosen to curate the Art Blocks Marfa gallery in November 2022.

Singular Art


Ragnar has long been involved in the DAO world with a strong network across digital artists & collectors. Ragnar helped curation for FingerPrintsDAO and other DAO's. He is also a member of BrightMomentsDAO, C0C0 DAO & MeebitsDAO.

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Ace is a serial entrepreneur (2 exits) and integrated his first Bitcoin payment solution in 2014. He has strong expertise in payments & encryption systems (incl. patent) as well as Solidity. Ace loves exploring the latest trends in AI, Digital Art and Encryption.